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1. What are the requirements to rent a car?




You need to be 25 years of age. You need to be in posession of a valid drivers license, full coverage insurance (comprehensive and collision coverage which will verifiably transfer to the vehicle being rented); and a major credit card in your name. (Cenit rent a car does not accept check or debit cards). Your credit card needs to have available credit to cover the estimated amount of the rental plus $100. (or $350 minimum).


2. Can I use a check card for a deposit?




Cenit Rent-a-Car does NOT accept check cards for deposit. You may use your check card to pay at the end of the rental; however a major credit card must be used for the deposit at the time of pickup.

3. Does my credit card or car insurance cover the Cenit Rent-A-Car rental?




Many insurance policies and credit card coverages vary. Be sure to call your insurance company or credit card issuer prior to renting to determine the extent of any coverage limitations. Cenit offers a Collision Damage Waiver, which is supplemental coverage offered in excess to your existing insurance policy.

4. Can I return a car to another Cenit location?




Yes. There is no charge for returning your rental car to the original Cenit pick-up location. There is an additional drop charge applied to your rental when a car is returned to Cenit locations in other cities.

5. Do you allow additional drivers?




Yes. Additional drivers may be added to the rental contract for $10.00 per additional driver. Additional drivers must be over 25 years of age and must be covered under the primary renter's insurance policy.

6. Can drivers from other countries rent at Cenit Rent-A-Car?




Yes. Drivers 25 and older from other countries must provide an international driver's license and an operator's license from their respective country.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Hours of operation 8am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 12pm Saturday. Please call renting location for specific hours.